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The Buying Energy of Affluent Asian Women

The concept of a woman that is affluent up the image of a consumer whom enjoys luxury shopping and travel; somebody who is much more worried about looking good and residing well as opposed to investing sensibly. Yet in Agility’s latest Affluent Insights™ luxury research, we have been seeing females becoming increasingly self-made millionaires. Females are really acting as economically consumers that are savvy worried mail order bride about saving and planning for the long-lasting. Now inside your, it is vital for brands to comprehend the ways that are changing female consumers view and invest their funds.

Our Affluent woman that is asian spans across 8 major markets—from Asia and Hong Kong to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Southern Korea, Japan and Australia. We at Agility have keen desire for after the increase of affluent feamales in purchase to interpret their changing customer behavior.

Image credit: Affluent Insights™ Deluxe Learn 2017-18. Image: Please price just just exactly how highly you agree or disagree with every associated with the after statements (top-2-box, consent per cent).

Additionally, women can be quickly leading in domains of investing usually viewed as “masculine” domains. Our research finds that vehicles make within the greatest quantity of spending in female affluent customers’ share of wallet in China and Hong Kong.

Image credit: Affluent Insights™ Deluxe Learn 2017-18. Image: Hong Kong – Exactly how much did you invest into the categories that are following the very last one year?

Image credit: Affluent Insights™ Deluxe Learn 2017-18. Image: Asia – just how much do you invest when you look at the categories that are following the very last one year?

While on average 7 in 10 ladies across all areas possess domestic home, at the least 1 in 2 feamales in all areas, except Japan, own domestic home as a good investment. These figures signify that ladies have actually moved beyond the image of just buying and getting luxury that is personal to making general investment choices.

Image credit: Affluent Insights™ Deluxe Learn 2017-18. Image: Which associated with after kinds of properties can you currently possess?

So what performs this suggest for brands that need to touch base meaningfully in their mind?

The solution is straightforward: while nevertheless essential, luxury is not any longer a case of “at whatever expense necessary”. These ladies anticipate the very best experiences during the price that is best.

Image credit: Affluent Insights™ Deluxe Research 2017-18. Image: So what does “luxury” mean to you personally?

Our studies indicate why these women prize personalized and interactions that are privileged brands, especially in real shops. For this reason brand encounters and activities have the influence that is most over their buying intentions. It doesn’t matter what the true luxury good is, affluent women suggested that most their acquisitions are nevertheless completed in real shops.

Their aspire to travel offshore for holidays reflects precisely that: affluent females give consideration to travelling as an event connected straight to a greater standard of living. Our studies discover that the lion’s share associated with the affluent woman’s spending that is discretionary assigned to travel (tickets, accommodation, cruises, travel experiences, etc).

Over fifty percent regarding the ladies in Asia, Thailand and Malaysia, however, travel with all the intention of buying luxury products.

Image credit: Affluent Insights™ Deluxe Research 2017-18

Posted on April 27, 2018 under Asia • Consumers

Concerning the author

Amrita Banta

Handling Director , Agility Analysis & Strategy

Amrita Banta is handling director and co- creator of Agility analysis & Strategy, ranked among the top luxury research businesses globally while the very first luxury and premium insights and consultancy company founded in Asia. Up to now, she’s carried out a lot more than 350 consulting engagements for a few around the globe’s biggest brands within the luxury, travel, and hospitality sectors.